We are all already aware that version 12 of Debian GNU/Linux (Bookworm) will be released as stable next Saturday the 10th of this year. I've received some inquiries about whether Auxtral 4 will have a new stable version. The answer for those who have it installed is obviously "no". You just have to install the updates,
since Auxtral's /etc/apt/sources.list file does not point to "testing", but to "bookworm"; therefore when it becomes stable, so will Auxtral if you have it installed on your PC.

Don't forget that the correct way to update Auxtral is from the panel icon, from >> start >> system >> Auxtral Updates or from the terminal as "root" with the "upgr" script.

It is worth reminding you that if you want to see the updates to install, before doing so, you can see them by running "lupgr" also as root.



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