1) In the event that when you are running the system in Live mode for some task, it asks you for an authentication key, it is: "live"

2) If at the end of the "system installation", when you restart you see that other operating systems that you may have installed are not listed in the Grub start menu; (not likely to happen), don't be alarmed, just start Auxtral and as root in the terminal run the "ospe" script and wait for grub to update again. This could also happen after an update that includes the grub-pc package, just run the script again.


Yesterday the user Glyn told me that in the version (I don't smoke when they say "flavors") KDE-Plasma, he installed Dolphin and had problems with the folder view, more precisely with the user folder.
I know for a fact, or assume, that as orthodox linuxers, for whom Auxtral is not made, as I say on the "about" page of the website, and Jessie Smith of Distrowatch understood it well when she said: "Auxtral is a distribution that gets out of the way without letting go of your hand", some must install, or replace Nemo with Dolphin, and therefore will have experienced the same thing as Glyn.
Even though I explained to him that Dplphin is not part of Auxtral and therefore I couldn't support it, just because of stubbornness, I generated a new user in my KDE-Plasma called "studio", I installed Dolphin and I was able to find a solution NOT AT ALL ORTHODOX but it worked for me.
The problem I know is in the configuration of the /etc/skel folder, which is where the Auxtral customization is stored and that apparently, unlike other file managers, Dolphin does not read it, and instead of looking for 2tu" folder user, look for the "user" folder.
In case it helps someone, here is the video I prepared for my friend Glyn >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShgVvwOMHW4
Guillermo Sosa.



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