Wi-FI card installation
Remember that the "proprietary" drivers as well as the original "firmwares" of some hardware devices are not "free software", which may affect the privacy and security of the system.
In order to install the cards you have to have the repositories enabled with the "contrib" and "non-free" sections, if you don't have them enabled I opened the terminal and as user "root" run the command "nonfree", without quotation marks to enable them.




There is a 99% probability that when you finish the installation of Auxtral or Debian you will be surprised that you do not have a Wi-Fi connection and that it is completely impossible for you to use your Wi-Fi network card. Well, the wireless network card most likely won't work because you don't have the appropriate drivers installed, but the solution to this problem is usually pretty straightforward in most cases. The only thing you would have to do to solve the problem is to install the drivers for the wifi network card as follows.


I. Information of your WiFi network card

As explained in the table above, the first thing you will have to do is activate the non-free repositories, and once activated you will have to know the brand and model of your wireless network card using the following command:

lspci | grep wireless

the result should be something like this:




Now, if you are using a USB type wifi network card you have to slightly change the command:

lsusb | grep WLAN

and you will surely see something like this:



In both cases it is seen that the brand of the devices is Realtek, and the models are RTL8187SE in the first case (WiFi card), and RTL8188SU in the second case (USB device).


II. installing drivers

just in case update the "cache" of the repos with the command (as root user):

apt update

Open Synaptic from "Start Menu> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager" and perform a search for packages using the term "firmware":



















Apparently in the results of the terminal you would have to search for "firmware-linux-nonfree", "firmware-misc-nonfree" and "firmware-realtek", check them, right-click on both and choose the option "mark to install" and then "apply".


If also, before installing you want to confirm that your chip is supported by the driver that Debian offers us, in the search box enter "firmware-realtek" (or your card) and you will see a list of the chipsets of the brand that are supported.




















If this method did not work for you, you will have to search for an appropriate driver on the Internet for your Wifi network card and perform a manual installation.



















Reboot the system for the changes to take effect.


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