Auxtral gives you a "totally free" operating system

Very easy to install and use through the 5 available desktop environments:
The officers: Cinnamon and Xfce,

plus the attractive environments: Mate, Budgie and KDE-Plasma

Reasons to choose Auxtral GNU/Linux


Being open source and free software, Auxtral has superior security and privacy compared to closed source software. When the source code is available for review, any knowledgeable person, be it a security researcher, an interested user, or an OEM who has the operating system on their PC, can ensure that the software is safe and does not collect or lose personal information. The operating system doesn't track private data, plus it comes with a built-in firewall, so you can stay safe from any attempts to compromise your information.


Auxtral is a system based on "Free Software", and will always be "libre and free". It was created with the intention of providing you with a system that is easy to access, install, and use, even for those coming from other platforms such as Windows. That is why its appearance has been taken care of, and the most appropriate Desktop Environments have been chosen for a friendly transition. Everything with the end user in mind, that is, Auxtral's ultimate goal is your full satisfaction..


Debian GNU/Linux supports its stable versions for 3 years of full support and an additional 2 years of LTS (Long Term Support) . Version 12 (bookworm), will be released in July or August 2023 and therefore it and Auxtral 4 (Polaris Australis) are expected to receive support and updates until August 2026, and then LTS support until August 2028, the latter will surely be support and mainly security updates


Although Auxtral GNU/Linux is based mainly on Debian GNU/Linux as it is truly considered "The Universal Operating System", Auxtral does not agree with the change or modification of "point 5" of the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG). Therefore, everything possible will be done so that Auxtral 4 (Polaris Australis) remains unchanged in the installer and stays with only the "main" component of the repositories as it has done in its three previous versions.

Design, functionality and solid foundation

Auxtral is designed for you

From Plasma for modern PCs and Laptops to more traditional MATE for lower end Computers, Auxtral wants to give you the best tool to enjoy your device.

Ready for you to choose your software

Auxtral is a totally flexible and customizable operating system.
Once installed you can mold it to your preference and need.
Not having pre-installed application software allows you to choose
yourself the office suite, your CAD, your image editing app or
applications that you prefer to make your PC to your needs and functionality.


Total availability

Yes. Auxtral being "Free Software" is always at your disposal and whoever you want. You can download and install it on as many machines as you want. Distribute it among your acquaintances and for whoever needs it.
Both domestically and for commercial, business and public sector use.
Use it and distribute it.

And all this on the basis of a ROCK

Being based on Debian GNU/Linux Auxtral inherits all its solidity, product of the patient and methodical work of the "Debian Project" team. Debian requires very little maintenance, generally just installing its updates is enough for it to work safely and without breaking the system.