Being open source and free software, Auxtral has superior security and privacy compared to closed source software. When the source code is available for review, anyone in the know, be it a security researcher, an interested user, or an OEM who has the operating system on their PC, can ensure that the software is secure and does not collect or lose personal information. The operating system does not track private data, plus it comes with a built-in firewall, so you can stay safe from any attempts to compromise your information.

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Auxtral is a system based on "Free Software", and it will always be free. It was created with the intention of providing you with a system that is easy to access, install and use, even for those who come from other platforms such as Windows. That is why its appearance has been taken care of, and the most suitable Desktop Environments have been chosen for a friendly transition. Everything with the end user in mind, that is, Auxtral's ultimate goal is your full satisfaction.


Debian updates and support for its stable versions is 3 years of full support and an additional 2 years LTS (Long Term Support). The current stable version, Debian 11 (bullseye), was released on August 14, 2021, and thus both it and Auxtral 3 (Alsephina) are expected to receive support and updates until August 2024, and then LTS support until August 2026, which will surely be mainly security support and updates.



Reviews and Comments

Auxtral is off to a good start. This was the first time I tried the layout and the experience was mostly positive. The operating system is easy to install, offers multiple desktop environments, and walks a pretty good line between holding hands and staying out of the way.

You can see a quality work in the different aspects of the distribution, in all its sections and on its website. Which is to be appreciated, since a careful distribution and a diaphanous and very direct Web when showing all the information to users, without the possibility of error or the least confusion, is a marvel in these times that everything is constituted too fast and messy, fortunately there are still people who care about the smallest detail for the well-being of their users.
The interface, as we will see in the following images, brings a very clear and pleasant theme for work in front of the PC.
From the boot you can already see that careful selection of images with a beautiful boot and login window.