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Cinnamon, a desktop based on modern technology that maintains known and proven concepts. The most suitable for a transition from Windows



Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. Its goal is to be fast and with little system resources, while remaining visually appealing and easy to use.



Mate is a desktop environment that continues the legacy of the traditional user experience while carefully enhancing and modernizing it when needed.


2 in 1: Gnome + Budgie

I think Gnome doesn't need much of an introduction, an absolute classic from longtime Linuxers and GNU/Linux trajectory. Budgie, still young and developed by the Solus Project, takes technology from Gnome 3 and GTK. He has a fairly configurable "panel" in addition to the RAVEN "multipurpose panel" located on the right that is displayed by clicking the icon at the end of the normal panel.